Emma Watson

Emma Watson (Emma Watson) was born in Oxford (UK). a Emma Watson gained enviable popularity in childhood: we all know and love her above all, of course, for the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. But after filming in this fairy tale Saga, the actress starred in many interesting films, as well as memorable advertising campaigns. What projects is miss Watson working on now? Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born in Oxford, England on 15 April 1990.Emma Watson received the name, according to one version, in honor of the grandmother, and on another – in honor of a good familiar family. To five years the girl lived in France. After that, the family returned home to England, a County Oxfordshire. Her lawyer parents divorced when Emma was little. She, together with younger brother Alex, has remained to live with mom.

Emma three years, said that dreams of becoming an actress and at the age of seven he received his first acting award for a poetry reading. Despite the fact that miss Watson is not a special actor’s education, a girl in his childhood he participated in school productions. In particular, played the evil witch Morgan in «King Arthur: the years of youth», Swallow in the play «Swallow and Prince», «angry cook» in the production of «Alice in Wonderland», as well as the main female role in the fairy tale «Happy Prince» Oscar Wilde. We all probably associate Emma Watson with her first role as Hermione Granger — it was after this role that she became famous. When agents came to Oxford school, young Emma was sent to audition for the role of Hermione thanks to her merits. Emma had no illusions about her future as an actor, and the girl was very happy that she did not fly out on the first round, and then was very surprised when she passed all five. As a result, Emma bypassed about a thousand competitors who were experienced Actresses. But, according to Emma, she does not revel in fame, but rather more than anything in the world loves to walk with friends, chat. And unlike her character, she is not a fan of science and prefers to play football or hockey, which is fond of since childhood. The girl also said that during the filming of «Harry Potter» she had a very busy schedule, but despite this, she successfully graduated from Hidington school for girls, and then continued her education at Brown University.